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Restoration Update

4 Aug 2017

Put 4 hours in today,Didn't realize how biting the wind was on the open deck. But by god I am suffering now, Literally chilled to the bone, I cant seem to get warm at all. Never mind I spent most of the time removing dozens of nuts and bolts, and cutting up the larger wooden pieces so they will go into the skip.



3 July 2017

The Prince's trust are doing us proud and doing a fantastic job, Their last day of work is Thursday and they will be presented with their awards on Friday the 7th of July at 11am. If anyone can possibly make it to thank them and show them our appreciation it would be good, There will be tea cakes available, Hope to see a few people there as Weekly news and what not will be in attendance, Getting us on the map, So to speak. Also got a joiner who is going to replace the topside of the broken hull. Jeff

29 July 2017

3 attended today, Saturday, Me Barry and Rob, Pumped all sections and scraped oil and grease of the bilge boards and beams, Also cleared most of bilges of debris and alien bodies which where constantly jamming the pumps, A new larger bilge pump has been purchased and is now working a treat after initial problems with the correct pipe sizes, Barry kindly supplied us with a stand pump and a collection of tools, Screwdrivers and scrapers. I will be there at intervals during the week as will Barry, Apologies for absences From Frank as still away, And from Harry as his car is in for a service. Jeff.

1 Aug 2017

I managed to put 9 hours in on the boat so far this week,Getting back on track, Emptied all the bins and washed all the cups and cleaned container out, Washed bins, Pumped her out from stem to stern, Climbed to the bottom of the dill and dragged heaps of stuff out and put the pump into the very bottom and it took an hour to clear, We were currently working with 2 pumps a 300 gph and a 500 gph, Which have both give up the ghost, So I bought a 2000 gph one last week and I have sent away for an 1100 gallon an hour, this will make my life miles easier and give me more time for other things, We have also made a good start in getting all the grease and oil out of the bilges in the forward compartment, Price of the 2 pumps was £68, combined, I will be there again tomorrow at some time or other. Jeff.

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06 Aug 2017

Good turnout yesterday,[ Sat]. Barry Jackson, Rob Baines, Harry Latham, Mike Chelton, Chris Jackson, Ronnie Beevers and myself., Frank Pook working and Tony Barnes still on holiday, We are currently concentrating on the forward compartment scraping and scratching all the paint of the bulkheads, This is by no means an easy task as there are hundreds of screw heads and copper nail heads making it impossible to use the sanding tools, Barry has put a few hours on this and is going to try a new method next week. Also collected the comrades collection tin, A very nice £26 59p, Thank you The Old comrades club. The Fleetwood weekly news are covering us again this week and publishing pictures of the boat and pics of the Prince's trust in action. Thanks again to the great little team who did their selves proud.

Restoration 2016

04 November 2017

We have done quite a few hours on the boat over the last few months but now with winter closing in we probably won’t get much work done until next year on the boat. We will keep on meeting on a Saturday morning at the boat over winter, the time over winter will give us chance to concentrate on planning for the year ahead and try and get some plans in place for a new home for the Ann Letitia Russell. We have been lucky in finding a few more original fittings from the Ann Letitia Russell and a few more from other boats that have been broken that will replace some of the fittings we are missing.

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25 March 2018

Now the weather has started to improve Rob, Tony and Harry have got a few jobs done today. Pumped out the foward and aft compartments. We been removing the rotton ply deck hatchs over the side compartments where the fuel tanks have been relocated to when the ALR was converted and replaced them with a temporary OSB cover. Started to prepared the fuel tanks ready for removing, we just need to empty the remaining fuel now before we can lift them out.

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