The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group


Saving Fleetwoods Historic Lifeboat

Registered Charity No:1166752


4th July 2020

Hope everyone is safe and well. We thought it was time to give you all a little update and let you know we are still here.

Due the ongoing Covid 19 situation we have been unable to hold our monthly meetings and move forward with our plans, and we are also unable to carry out any work on the Ann Letitia Russell until we can get her moved under cover in a more permanent home, so we are focusing on raising funds, finding her a permanent home and preserving until we can get her moved under cover in a more permanent home.

However we have some positive news about a permanent home, later last year we were contacted by another heritage group in Fleetwood about a project that could help the Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group fined a permanent home, we are now working closely with this group to be a part of their project and hopefully form a partnership that would give the Ann Letitia Russell a permanent home, we hope to bring you more on this in the next few months.

Now the government have started to ease restrictions we are looking at holding our next meeting in early August, as soon as we have a date we will post it on our facebook page and website, everyone is welcome to attend our meetings.

In the last week we have received notification from the organisers of the Historic open days festival that this year’s festival will go ahead as planned in September. This is something that the group is very much interested in getting involved with, so we are looking into the possibility of taking part in this year’s historic open days festival and holding an open day at the Ann Letitia Russell, we will update about this as soon as we can.

We are always looking for new volunteers to help with our project, if you would like to volunteer please visit our volunteering page on our website

Stay safe and we hope to see you all soon.


20th March 2020

In view of the current crisis Covid 19 Corona virus all further meetings for the group will be suspended untill further notice; This is for the safety of the committee and the safety of the crew and staff at the lifeboat station. We will keep you informed of any significant changes affecting the boat and update you with any news.


5th September 2019

4 years ago The Ann Letitia Russell arrived back in Fleetwood after 39 years away from Fleetwood, back in 2015 there was lots of people helping us get our group up and running and our project off the ground, we had lots of promise of help and donations, but now in 2019 like lots of other important heritage projects in Fleetwood all the help and volunteers has dwindled away just leaving a handful of Volunteers to carry out


The current situation of the restoration is that we have now reached a point in where we cannot carry out much more work on her and only preserve her until we have got the funding in place for the restoration and also we have found her a permanent home and the funding is also in place for her permanent home.


We have now been let down by a local Business man that had promised a building to The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group to convert in to a Museum for The Ann Letitia Russell, and the building has now been sold by the owner. So now we must swich are focuse to looking for a new home for The Ann Letitia Russell where she can be restored ans displayed.


6th May 2019

We have raised £272 at our Charity Quiz Night fundraiser on Saturday 4th May, We would like to thank Karen and her team for organising Quiz and also everyone that took part.


14th April 2019


The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group our looking for Volunteers to help with the restoration and preservation of The Ex Fleetwood Lifeboat R.N.L.B. Ann Letitia Russell. We also need Volunteers to help with fundraising and funding applications.

If you can help please contact us via email

[email protected]

or you can join us at our next meeting 10:30am 4th May at the boat.



17th Feb 2019

Last night’s 80years of The Ann Letitia Russell Celebration and fundraiser raised us £223.