The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group


Saving Fleetwoods Historic Lifeboat

Registered Charity No:1166752

First Rescue 11 June 1939, "ROMA"

On 11 June 1939 the maroons where fired and the Lifeboat crew where to launch for the RNLB Ann Letitia Russell for the first time on a serve call, Watched by hundreds of the towns people and visitors the RNLB Ann Letitia Russell launched down the slipway on her first rescue with Coxswain Jeffery Wright at the helm, The “Roma” a 24ft converted ships lifeboat with 3 crew onboard the was in difficulties and dragged her anchor running aground at Barnet Point, when the Lifeboat arrived waves where braking over her and she was being pounded against the mussel bed. The Lifeboat crew managed to throw a line to the crew of the yacht and take the 3 crew members abroad the Lifeboat, after checking the “Roma” was not leaking The Lifeboat took the yacht under tow and towed her and her 3 crew back to Fleetwood.

West Lancashire Gazett 12 June 1939 Roma Rescue 11

The rescued Crew of the “Roma”

Mr G. Grundy (Owner), Mr F. Pearson & Mr J. Crewdson.